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Holiday & Shipping FAQ

What's up y'all:

Thank you so much for your continued support of us this year. Due to Chinese New Year, our fulfillment center is closed until Feb 17. Within mainland China, businesses close and staffs go home for several weeks. A comparable holiday is Christmas in the U.S., but longer and with more extensive travel.

So we decide to take a break to Super Bowl weekend and holidays. We will be back on February 17. All orders placed during this time (February 7 -February 17) will ship out after February 17. To thank you for the love and support. We will include gifts for these qualified orders.

Order over $80 get's free socks.

Order over $120 get's free socks + free gloves.

Order over $120 get's free socks + free gloves + free T-shirt.


From February 7 to 17. We may not always have customer service be with you within 24 hours but we will do whatever we can to reply you as soon as possible. Thanks!