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  1. Due to the overwhelming amount of emails we’re experiencing, we kindly ask that you be patient with our team and their response time . We prioritize tickets by oldest to newest, and multiple emails automatically group together to place your ticket at the back of the queue.
  2. Please note it may take up to 6 hours from point of purchase for you to receive a confirmation email due to the amount of traffic on our site today. If you do not receive confirmation by this time, your order did not process. We suggest trying to make a new purchase! Unfortunately we are unable to honor orders that did not fully process.
  3. Lastly, in the event you do not receive a confirmation email and a transaction is pending in your account, this is a hold placed by your bank for your attempted order. Since your orders didn't process, your money should be released to your account within a few business days, usually 2-3. We recommend contacting your bank if you experience any further issues. This will affect every order placed today, including non-launch related products! 

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. If this did not answer your question, please re-contact our customer service team below. Thank you for supporting TAKA Original!

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